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Project Malefaction; Chapter 4: The Chaos begins


Tick, tock, tick, tock. The troop is ready, the stage is set. The time is now.


The mayor was half way through his speech praising the work of Piltover's law enforcement officers. The speech was long and dry with many anecdotes referring to how the mayor was 'responsible' for the success in Piltover. Caitlyn politely listened despite her eyes becoming heavier with each passing minute. She yearned for some excitement or at least a more interesting speech. Caitlyn looked to the back of the room to wear Vi was seated, thinking to herself "Vi hates speeches most of the time, I wonder how she is holding out through this one". Meanwhile at the back of the room, Vi was sound asleep with her face on the table and a trail of drool coming from her mouth on to the table cloth. Taric rolled his eyes and quickly nudged her awake. Vi grumbled and looked up "Sorry, this is just so boring. I'd rather be punching bad guys, not talking about maybe punching bad guys." Taric looked at her disapprovingly "You will stay awake Vi, if not for appearances at least do it for Caitlyn". Vi grumbled and sat upright looking around thinking to herself "Come on...something happen! Anything!! I'm going nuts here!". Suddenly, the power went out and the only light in the room was a deep red and orange light pouring in through the large windows on the mayor's estate, Vi and the rest of the assembled guests looked over to see a large fire ball ascending into the sky.  An explosion had gone off in Piltover, without a moment to think another one went off slightly outside Piltover sending another fire ball into the sky. Vi's eyes widened in astonishment, without hesitation she screamed as loud as she could "GET DOWN!!!", she ran towards Caitlyn, shoving Taric, and numerous other guests out of her way. Vi dived on Caitlyn, covering her with her own body. Caitlyn exclaimed "Vi! What are you---" before she could finish, the windows shattered from the shock wave sending thousands of glass shards into the room. Vi bit down on her lip and grunted in pain as she felt numerous pieces pierce her back. She closed her eyes and hoped it would be over soon, every shard that cut into her flesh felt like a knife. Several moments later, the glass had all fallen on to the ground, and into many of the guests. Vi slowly got off Caitlyn, moaning in pain as she fell onto a nearby chair for support. Caitlyn shrieked "Call the paramedics!!" She scrambled over to Vi, whose back was dripping with blood. Vi looked over and smiled weakly at Caitlyn "I always have your back cupcake..."


Captain Rose continued to pilot her boat turned zeppelin towards Piltover. She pulled out her spyglass, and looked at Piltover. Grinning, she licked her lips sensually "ripe for the picking."
She shouted to her crew "Ready the raiding ladders and the cages! We'll need those to haul the loot out of here!". Without warning, a loud bang rang through the air, Rose looked over to see an explosion had gone off in Piltover's power district. Shortly thereafter another, but further outside of Piltover. Rose grinned and smelled the air "Smell that boys?! I love the smell of fire in the morning, it smells like victory! Let's use this boys! Loot! Pillage! Raid this city for all its worth!!" Within moments Rose's zeppelin was over Piltover, and moments after that, pirates descended upon the city.

-------------back at the Mayor's manor------------

Emergency teams had just arrived, tending to the wounded, Vi sat on a table, with Taric pulling shards of glass from her back and cleaning the cuts with some whiskey and a napkin. Caitlyn stood in front of Vi, her dress only slightly scuffed, but the rest of her was unharmed thanks to Vi's heroic tackle. Caitlyn asked Vi with both concern and a touch of flattery "Vi, why did you do it? All that glass, it looks so painful!" Vi smirked and said "I couldn't let some glass hurt my Cupcake now could I?". Caitlyn smiled as her cheeks turned a light pink. Bringing her attention to the fires blazing outside the window she said urgently "I have to get down there. Vi, get better, you're no good to the force wounded." Vi grimaced "Oh come on Cupcake! A few cuts won't stop me!" Taric who was still pulling the glass out of her back said "Oh yes they will...You're not doing any crime fighting at least for a day or two while these heal. It could have been much worse and you should consider yourself lucky." Vi frowned "Fine, but, what will you do without your kick ass partner cupcake?!" Caitlyn smiled and said warmly "I'll manage." Jayce added his own thoughts on the matter "I, Jayce, the defender of tomorrow, shall aid you!" Caitlyn sighed "Alright, only until Vi is back on her feet." Caitlyn looked at her black dress "I need to change into my uniform, meet me down town as soon as possible Jayce."

-------------20 minutes later-------------------------

Caitlyn arrived on the scene of the first explosion, fire crews were working to quell the blaze. One of them approached her, covered in soot and ash he said "Evening Ma'am. We have the fire mostly under control, but it will take a number of hours to restore power to the city, at worst, a few days." Caitlyn looked around "What caused it?" the fireman responded "Well, we won't know the ignition point until after the fire is out, but judging by the noise, I'd say this was an attack." Caitlyn put on a pensive look, thinking to herself she thought "Could Zaun have done this? They have never done something this ambitious. Especially this deep in the city. Perhaps Viktor? No, he was reported in Noxus....too far. Perhaps it was! he's detained." Caitlyn shook herself out of her line of thought when she heard a familiar voice, though not the one she was expecting "Hey Cupcake!" Caitlyn looked up to see Vi, in uniform, gauntlets and all walking towards her. Caitlyn smiled "Vi! What are you doing here?! I thought Taric had you under house arrest!" Vi laughed "I told him I saw Ezreal wearing mismatched socks and sandals. He gasped and ran off. Said something about it being outrageous." Caitlyn smiled and said "Well it's good to have you here, that windbag Jayce hasn't shown up yet." Vi smirked at Caitlyn's obvious distaste for the man. Vi looked around "So, what happened, and when do I get to punch who did it?" Caitlyn gestured to the flaming power plant, "It was likely an attack, but by whom?" Caitlyn's thought was interrupted by the arrival of Jayce on the scene. He had changed into his normal outfit and carried his hammer over one shoulder. With all the pomp that would be expected from him he exclaimed "Fear not good people! For I am here!". Caitlyn and Vi both rolled their eyes. An officer quickly ran up to the trio, out of breath he said "Ma'am! There's another situation unfolding! There was a second explosion at the maximum security prison . On top of that, we are getting reports of a dirigible floating above the shopping district dropping pirates!" Caitlyn let out a sigh "Alright, I'll go investigate the prison. Vi, go deal with the pirates. Jayce, stand here and make sure the fire gets put out." Vi smiled "Alright! Time to clobber some pirates!" Vi took off, eager to start fighting. Caitlyn left before Jayce could voice his disagreement with being left to watch the fire go out.

------minutes later at the Prison-------

Caitlyn arrived at the prison, fire crews were finishing putting out the last of the flames. Caitlyn walked up to the scene from her cruiser. The warden, who had already prepared a report, was waiting for her. The warden was a tall man, with a large build and a dark face. He wore a black suit and leaned on a black steel cane shaped like a serpent. "Evening officer. I take it you are here to deal with this, incident." he said in a cold tone. Caitlyn looked at him "Always a pleasure to see you too Warden Gallows." The warden grumbled "The last of the fires are being put out as we speak. We're still not sure if anyone escaped, but what I do know is there have been heavy causalities." The two began walking inside the prison, the warden continued to recount all they knew about the attack which, unfortunately for Caitlyn, wasn't much. They arrived at a large cell block, the walls were covered in damage from the battle, blood stained the floor and walls. "We're not fully aware of total damage, but this block was hit the hardest. Likely a diversion, but everywhere was hit. We're not sure where the main objective was." Caitlyn looked at the damage "How many did we lose?" she asked, almost not wanting to hear the answer. The warden responded "22 dead, 12 wounded. The prison is running on a skeleton crew right now." Caitlyn frowned at the high number "I'm going to take a look around." The warden nodded and began to leave "I'll be in my office...I have 22 phone calls to make..". Caitlyn was alone in the block, save for the few guards on the scene. She walked around, rifle slung around her shoulder. She examined all the damage and came to the conclusion, that there were multiple attackers all using different weapons. Caitlyn thought to herself "The cuts in the wall suggest, a blade of some kind..the burn marks and their colour suggest a high intensity flame thrower. Large holes in the wall, looks like they were caused by impact...a high calibre gun? Wait...what's.." Caitlyn looked down on the floor at an unusual burn pattern. She quickly made her way to the second level of the block and looked down at it from one of the railings. Caitlyn stepped back a moment in horror as she realised what the logo burned into the floor was. An ornate, C.


Found my little calling card Caitlyn? Good. I enjoy our little games.

Project Malfaction 4
Hey look. After so long I finally updated. I've been very busy.

So I hope you guys enjoy it!

Love to hear feedback! It encourages me to keep writing!

Caitlyn, Jayce, Taric, Vi, Ezreal belong to RiotGames

Captain Rose is my OC.
I know I've been pretty inactive for the last few months. I've been busy with my studies. I was just curious how many of you want me to continue my unfinished league fic starring Cait and Vi. I ask because the most recent chapter (as long ago as that was) received no feedback. I'm not going to write something if I think no one is reading it.

Anyway, I'll try to post some drawings up in a day or two..and based on feedback (if any) I may or may not continue Project Malefaction.

Looking Forward to hearing from you all.
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